36 Weeks!!!

Oh my gosh, I cannot get over how fast these past couple of months have gone! It feels like I have gone from announcing our pregnancy to being almost ready to go… How does it happen so fast?

Baby - 36 Weeks

So I am feeling really good so far. None of the usual symptoms I was hearing about when I first fell pregnant like the swelling limbs, nausea etc so I am definitely counting myself lucky!

We have been attending some awesome antenatal classes at the hospital where we have registered for the birth which have been really informative and helpful. There are only a few couples in the class which means we have been able to ask questions and really interact with the midwife that has been teaching us. This week is our last week and I feel like it has really helped prepare us for the up-coming birth. I have also been recommended a lovely book/birthing method called Hypnobirthing and it has made a serious difference to the way I am viewing our birth and how we want everything to “go down” in the maternity ward. The best part is that the midwives we have been seeing for our check-ups and the teacher from our antenatal class have all been so supportive about the way we want to give birth and how natural we want to go so I am actually looking forward to the experience and just can’t wait to meet our beautiful little baby. It’s going to be amazing and apparently so empowering to me as women… I just cannot wait to be the one who gets to welcome our little baby into this world in a relaxed, calm and natural way with my phenomenal, supportive and loving husband by my side!





3 thoughts on “36 Weeks!!!

  1. Wow Carlz! Sounds like you have been a very lucky girl! And that you are so calm is amazing! The evitement would be getting to me! I wish I could be there to meet your little bundle of joy, but i’m sure a visit to Australia will be in order! And i’m still waiting on your setting me up with a lovely gent! Lol thinking of you my dear friend and I look forward to further news! Love ya Caz xx

  2. Oh Carlz. I am so excited for you. Wish I were in those shoes again (maybe I’m crazy). It is such a joy looking after the little bundle. Such a tiring, but fun time figuring each other out. My biggest piece of advice would be that ‘babies cry’. When you change their nappy and clothes, when you bath them, and for all the normal reasons so don’t freak out when your little one sounds like they are dying while you change their nappy. Its normal.

  3. Yip, the time has really flown by. Good luck to you and your hubby. Can’t wait to find out if you’re having a little boy or girl. Have you decided on any names yet?

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