10/11 Months

Well those 2 months just flew by, how on earth did I let my blogging ball drop quite so badly?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Mr B has FINALLY started to crawl and I haven’t been able to sit still for more than 5 minutes before the silence starts to get worrying! If you have a late crawler I can safely say there is NOTHING to worry about. It took us till 10 months before he got going and he is fantastic at it.

Maybe it has to do with my crazy idea to get a puppy while I have an 11 month old baby. Again no sitting still!

Maybe it has to do with the recent launch of my new Facebook page/business called Bubs and Up (unashamed business plug here)

Whatever you want to put it too, chances are its just good old fashioned laziness and procrastination 🙂

But back to Billy…
Starting with the anticipation of enjoying our first Christmas together, the last 2 months have been a great adventure and I’ve loved every minute of discovery and every moment of fun. From having the camera in my hand by chance while he took his first crawling steps towards his very proud daddy to seeing him laugh hysterically while knocking down a tower. He is definitely our little destroyer (which is why you may hear us call him Billzilla from time to time), but I will happily rebuild after a Billzilla raid just to watch him enjoy pulling it all apart again.

SO I started this blog post ages ago and never finished it… Can’t remember much about Billy’s 10/11 months, Besides of course him learning to crawl. But what I do know is that this kid is amazing; smiley; funny and most of all ridiculously gorgeous and he fills my life with love, joy and many, many good times. So I’m just going to leave this post right here as my wonderful forgetful self has no idea what I was going to say 🙂