Day 1 – NSW Roadtrip

In December Sean and I took a little road trip through New South Wales to do a bit of camping and sight-seeing. These are a few (late) posts telling the story of our trip.

Our holiday started with us driving out to Tamworth, the Country & Western capital of Australia. On our way there we stopped for a packed lunch in the ‘First Fleet Memorial Gardens’ in Wallabadah.

It’s a beautiful spot, with lovely benches under a tarp in the shape of a ship, the garden listed all the convicts and guards who were on the 1st eleven ships to arrive in Australia.


Then onto Tamworth we went, it wasn’t quite what I expected. I was hoping to see a cowboy or two and hear a whole bunch of Country & Western music everywhere but Sean said nothing really happened there till the big C&W festival at the end of January. Which leads me onto my secret confession, I LOVE Country & Western music!!!  So I was heavily disappointed that:

  1. We didn’t see any cowboys
  2. We heard hardly any C&W music
  3. No one rode around on horses

But it was great seeing the huge Golden Guitar and taking a tour of the wax museum hosting all the famous C&W stars from Australia.

We then went on to our first campsite for the night at Lake Keepit, a beautiful site alongside the lake. It was very well maintained and we stayed in an area called “bush-camping” because there were no showers on site but it was a lovely spot and a great evening for our first night of camping.

p.s. I decided to take a photo of the sunset every evening to remember the beauty we experienced along the way, so each post should have sunset photo.