Potjie, South African style!

I know it’s been a while since my last post and even though our party was a while ago I thought I would put some photo’s up anyway.

When we were in South Africa we had the oppportunity to go to Mojo in Stellenbosch, which was just AMAZING as always! One of the delicious meals we ate there was an ostrich potjie, of course it is impossible to get ostrich in Australia but we really wanted to bring a bit of South Africa back with us to Aus!

After alot of research Sean managed to find a company that supply potjie pots! Sean was so sold on potjies that we found him a recipe book in SA to bring home with us and the results were amazing even on his first try! Obviously we had to invite everyone over to give it a go and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it.

Unfortunitely the photo’s I took over our friends didn’t come out as clearly, but it was still heaps of fun having everyone over and sharing my culture with them.