Nowra Animal Park

As the sun is starting to get a bit stronger and the wild wind and rain has finally settled down Sean and I decided to go down to the animal park in Nowra.

Its a small but beautiful park owned by a really nice guy who has such heart for what he does. We got to watch a koala show and touch a few of the cute animals only found down here in Australia like a koala, wallaroo and wombat. Such a wonderful place to take your kids or yourself (their small cafe has amazing toasted sandwiches too).

¬†(Wombat, Peacock, Koala, Dingo, Rainbow Laurikeet, Kangaroo, we weren’t sure where the Eagle was supposed to be but we couldn’t find it, Kookaburra, Guineafowl)

The view from the animal park over the Shoalhaven river and the mountains in the background made the views from the park breath-taking.

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