A review of Black Hills by Nora Roberts

Recently I was selected as 1 of 5 people to do a book review for Magic fm (Magic fm Competition) and since I throughly enjoyed the book and couldn’t put it down I thought I would pop my review on my blog:

Having never read a Nora Roberts novel I was very eager to delve into her story with an open heart and mind.

I was not disappointed; the way Nora describes her characters brings them to life and makes them feel like friends. I enjoyed every quip and funny comment they threw at each other and found their relationships and love for each other easy to relate to and easy to imagine, in fact I found it hard to not shed a tear when they were giddy with happiness or sad with loss.

It was very easy to lose myself in the emotions each character felt and had to push myself to put the book down, just after the next chapter or maybe the next, ok just one more!

The book is centered around the relationship between Cooper Sullivan and Lillian Chance and the way they deal with a threat on their happiness and future together.  Set in South Dakota, it brought up scenes of Wild West and rolling hills. Which reflect the wild and passionate way Lil and Coop feel for each other, a perfect setting for their story to unfold in.  However it is so much more than just a romance, in fact you can’t even begin to box this story into a genre; it has suspense, romance, comedy and more.

I have to say it is a great book and has definitely turned me on to Nora Roberts as an author to watch and continue to read. I can’t wait to find and read many, many more of her books.  I would highly recommend Black Hills as a book to put on your list of “must reads”.

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