Soap, Soap, Soap!

I had this great idea to make some home-made soaps to give as gifts at my baby shower. Unfortunately the lady I was buying the soap-base from on e-bay really stuffed me around and sent it nearly 2 weeks to late – AARGH!

So now I finally have it and am actually really enjoying making my own soap and this is how it came out:

I used old (washed out) milk cartons cause I knew I could tear them apart when I was done. I placed them on a tin-foil tray just in case I messed any when pouring, which was a good thing cause I did end up messing quite a bit.


Start by melting your soap base, I picked up this cool pot at a second-hand store for $2 which I now use for any crafting stuff I do.


Add any colouring and essence you want, my 2 batches were Lime and Lavender. So I have yellow colouring (although with lime I probably should have used green) and lime essence for the first batch and for the second batch was lavender essence, no colouring and I tried putting lavender flowers in but that didn’t work out to well cause they just floated to the top (which you will see in the photo below) when I was trying to set the soap.

Then pour the mixes into the cartons and let them cool overnight, or until solid. Mine didn’t take to long to set but I left them overnight just in case it was still soft in the middle.


Once they have set peel off the cartons, I will be very surprised if you can get them out and save the cartons but if you manage then you can reuse them if you make more. I tried really hard but just ended up tearing them!


Now just slice up the soap into the size you want, wrap in Cling-wrap and stick a little label on the back to secure the film and write whatever you want on it.


And that’s how you make soap with a soap base, one of the easier way to make soaps I think, there are other methods but it requires a fair bit more work.


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