Home is where the heart is.

My heart will always yearn for Africa, for the place of my birth, for Cape Town; the city I will always call home. There are many many days in which I have felt very homesick and wondered what my life would be like if I had never moved a whole continent away from my friends and family.

But that’s no way to live my life. I know that my life is now here, is in Australia and the move I have made is exactly where I should be.
Little did I know when I met my husband, 4 wonderful years ago in a little Clapham bar in London that I would end up this far from home and yet here I am. I had been living in London for a while and he had just arrived a few months before. We were both spending a few years travelling around and earning some lovely, lovely pounds. Neither of us were really interested in anything to serious and we both just enjoyed each others company and seeing sights and sounds together. For a short while we decided to go our separate ways.
I was devastated, I don’t think I had realised just how much fun I was having with him or the fact that he was such a wonderful person till he was gone. But obviously we ended up back together and after a year and a half ¬†of blissful happiness, he managed to make me even happier by asking me to marry him…. I said yes ūüėČ

And as they say the rest is history, we got married in London and moved over to Australia soon after that. In 2013 we were given the great honour of having a baby and being parents to the sweetest little boy we could ever have asked for.

I’ve had to make Australia home, not only for myself but for my family too. Don’t get me wrong I do dearly love my new home and all the first world luxuries and safety it offers us. We are also very lucky to be living in a stunning part of Australia and very, very close to my husband’s family so this post is really not about me complaining. I have made some amazing friends and together with our family I really feel like I have found a spot for myself here with people I can love and cherish and who I know love me back.

But as I’m sure any South African expat can agree¬†Africa will always be in my blood and will always be what comes to mind when people ask me where my home is. They say home is where the heart is… my heart will always be in Africa!


Nearly our 3rd trimester

I cannot believe that we will be on the downhill road to the meeting our beautiful little monkey on Saturday. Yes that’s right we will be in our 3rd trimester on Saturday! It’s all going by so quickly and we have had so much on our plate lately that I haven’t even noticed how fast it’s all happening.

Hubby¬†promised me we would go and buy the nursery paint tonight cause we have been so busy we keep putting it off so I am really excited to at least do one thing to the nursery so I don’t feel quite so unprepared.

Along with feeling super unprepared and way to busy for a pregnant lady who should be resting more  we have had some great moments over the last few months. We moved into our beautiful new house, which I am loving decorating and making into a home. We went to an absolutely beautiful wedding in Melbourne and managed a small holiday while we were there before Monkey arrives. I celebrated my 29th birthday with some awesome friends and family and was thoroughly spoilt and loved by everyone. Our darling baby is kicking up a storm in my belly and Hubby has been able to feel it more and more which is really exciting for him too, although baby alwasy gets shy when people are around and put their hand on my belly.

Thankfully even though we are very busy, everything we have been doing has been so much fun and even though a weekend at home would be very welcome, there are so many exicting things in the pipeline for the rest of the year that I am sure the next trimester will be going just as fast as the last one and soon we will be welcoming our 1st child into the world.

But till then here are a few photo’s of my growing bump and our beautiful child (for those who are interested).

16 Weeks!

Wow… 16 Weeks, how quickly is this all going by? Just 4 weeks till we are half way through and ready to have our next scan!

I unfortunately haven’t been too well this last week with a horrible cold and since I can’t take any medication, it really knocked me out! But I am slowly on the mend and feeling much better already.

Thankfully the morning sickness is pretty much completely gone now (although when I was sick it came back with a bit of a vengeance).

Not too much else has changed yet although I am almost 100% sure I felt some fluttering in my belly so hopefully that will soon turn in to a proper kick! And of course the size of my belly is probably the most obvious thing to show I am pregnant. I have also been getting a little bit of broad ligament pain which has been very uncomfortable and my sleep has been very disturbed which is probably just my bodies way of training me for all the sleepless nights ahead.

But even with all these changes and experience (good or bad) it is so exciting and I am really starting to feel a bit more pregnant each time something happens.

We have also finally settled everything with the house and have our official move-in date on the 19th October. We are so happy to have it all sorted out and officially know when we get to move in.

I just can’t wait to unpack everything and start decorating the nursery, I have even got some ideas already and have been lucky enough to pick up some wonderful 2nd hand bargains.

We have decided not to find out the sex of the baby so everything we see or¬†have gotten so far¬†has been very neutral, which can actually be quite hard! Most things are either blue or pink, so we probably won’t get to much more till the kid pops out ūüôā



‚ÄúYour life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄďJim Rohn

And I am very excited about all the changes – please don’t think I am complaining cause I couldn’t be more grateful for everything we are going through. However I keep¬†focusing¬†on the quote above when I start to feel a little overwhelmed and nervous about all the changes we are going through, which seems to be happening often!

Many changes have come with being pregnant, changes that I never really thought about… even though I had heard stories from other sweet¬†pregnant ladies who I am grateful to for sharing with me!

So far my sleeping has taken a terrible turn for the worst, I am definitely¬†a morning person and LOVE being a morning person (crazy I know). But now thanks to baby I am a very early morning person, I cannot sleep later than 5:30 am¬†(sometimes 6am if I am lucky). Add my cold to that, which I cannot take any medication for, and some mornings I am up at 3am. YAY for me… now I really hate not having enough sleep so it means I have to have an afternoon snooze pretty much everyday (yes even at work, thank goodness we have a very¬†comfortable massage bed in the clinic and I have a wonderful boss who doesn’t mind at all).

I also have no control of my body and have no idea what’s really going on in there anymore. I would like to think I am pretty in-touch with my body, like usually I know why I have a headache or what triggers it; I can tell when I need certain foods; or why certain parts of my body are aching¬†etc etc. But now I have no clue! I have avoided all my usual headache triggering foods, like sugar and¬†anything with sulphur (yes including wine and most fruit juices), and I have been eating so much more fruit and veg… but¬†unfortunately¬†I am still getting¬†more and more headaches and they are driving me crazy! Which leads me to believe that¬†my poor body hasn’t quite figured out what it needs or wants or it’s all just hormonal…

Talking about hormonal, man I have to curb a heck of¬†a lot¬†of crying and frustration! There are some adverts here asking for money to support children underprivileged in impoverished countries and I know they are designed to make you feel sorry for the children. I just cry! I cry for the children, I cry because I am annoyed with myself for crying, I cry because I hate that I let an advert get to me… I just cry!!! And my poor patient husband, he has to put up with some special mood swings, which mostly include “I need a hug” to ” don’t touch me” in about a second flat.

The general changes… WE ARE MOVING!!!

Yay we have finally signed the last of our paperwork and have an official moving date! SO Excited that we will be in our new house soon…like 2 and half weeks away!¬† Which of course adds even more feelings of being overwhelmed. Like OMG this means we have to start doing the house up quickly before the baby comes, OMG there is a baby coming! Oh wait I knew that already…but how easy is it to forget there is a baby in there, especially when my belly isn’t getting in the way yet and I haven’t felt any kicks from our little monkey yet. Anyway, so much more responsibility comes with a house. Like a big mortgage, keeping up the maintenance, decorating the nursery and pulling out the horrible kitchen. I still have so much packing to do and no energy to pack especially now that I have a cold!

But all changes come with so many exciting things…

We are having a baby (all the weirdness I am going through¬†doesn’t matter when the outcome is so wonderful), we have our own house and as Sean keeps reminding me the house comes with his very own shed for working on all his projects, we are moving closer to Sean’s family and my work. Now that we are moving I can finally enrol with all the exciting aspects of being pregnant like pregnancy yoga classes; meeting the midwives at the Shoalhaven¬†hospital we are going to and going to antenatal classes!

Are you going through any changes? Is there anything you are really looking forward to this year…or even next year? We would love to hear from you, so please don’t be shy and feel free to comment ūüôā