Daddy is not just an ordinary word!

I love writing down the little snippets of our lives. It’s been amazing looking back on our lives and how much my husband and I have grown as a couple and since Billy has joined us, how we have grown as a family.

One thing I love is watching my husband with Mr B. He is such a great father and I know he is deeply loved by our son. Every morning they get up together and leave me to have a mini sleep-in of an extra 30 min, which in mommy land is such a treat. Now there is one thing you should probably know about my dear husband, even though he never intentionally does it, he is definitely not quiet! No matter how often I ask him to keep it down, all I can hear from 6am when they get up till 6:30 when he leaves for work is the 2 of them chatting and playing together while Sean gets ready.
In fact “dada” was Billy’s first genuine word and thanks to some very persistent teaching on Sean’s behalf “daddy” has been his most clear word so far.
When Sean heads off to work we open the open bedroom curtains and Billy sits for ages waving goodbye to him from the edge of the bed and repeating “daddy’ over and over.

I couldn’t do this job of parenting without my best friend and partner so thank you Sean xx