My little boy is SO big, 1 whole year has gone by!

I love this kid more than words can say. I could never express exactly how I really feel about him. Not only am I proud of the little man and who is growing to become, but he lights up my life in so many ways.
I enjoy every minute I spend with him… even those odd bad days end off on such a lovely note when I’m lying next to him helping him settle into bed for a nights sleep.
We do so much together and I never get sick of him, of his smile, the little games he plays with me or just watching him play by himself. Yes I do sometimes need a little bit of a break just to get things done but I don’t feel like he is a burden at all. I adore his little smile and that great laugh that you just have to giggle along with. I know he has so much still to learn but I can’t help but think he has such a great grasp of so many aspects of life and he seems so clued in to everything we are doing. He knows how to put his clothes on and take them off (with my help of course), he can brush his own hair and adores playing hide and seek with us.
Lights are his absolute favourite thing right now and I can guarantee if he is in your arms when you walk in a room he will want every light turned on and off a few times before you go any further.
He loves to be tickled, mostly under his feet but pretty much anywhere you touch can be a ticklish spot if you get him just right. He also loves to tickle our feet and can just crack himself up while doing it. He is getting more and more cheeky by the day, his newest trick is to pretend to hand me one of his toys and then snatch it back really quickly and laugh at his own joke! In fact I think he may be under the impression that he is the funniest person alive cause he is always laughing at his own jokes, It’s brilliant to watch.

We’ve been getting more into crafting and creating which he is enjoying more and more. From something as simple as sticking stickers everywhere except on the paper to doing his first painting on an easel at one of our playgroups. It’s been just as much fun for me to look up fun activities and plan our days as for him to do them all.
We have so much fun together bouncing around, dancing to the radio or playing outside. He is my world and I know I’m his.

We are so grateful to all the people around us who helped us through this first year, for all their support, love, tips and tricks and mostly for just being there when we’ve needed them.
To celebrate we through our little monster a monster mash birthday party. Thank you to everyone who came, for the super duper special presents and most of all for your presence.

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