Present for our neighbours

Our lovely neighbours have 2 (maybe 3) chickens in their little garden. Every now and then they pop over the wall and scrummage through our garden which I don’t mind at all cause they are really cute.
But the best part about having these chooks as neighbours is they lay enough eggs for us too. It doesn’t happen too often but we have had a couple of boxes of eggs just rock up on our doorstep since we have moved in here. Which we are really grateful for.

So I thought I would do something in return to thank them. Since I had a big baking day yesterday so I was on a bit of a roll and Billy had a HUGE morning sleep today I thought I would quickly bake them some cupcakes as a thank you gift.

I started by finding some lovely scrap booking paper I had lying around and an old egg carton (which I thought was quite fitting for this gift). I measured the top and cut my paper to fit so it wasn’t just an ugly carton and I stamped Thank You on the top.


I then baked some cupcakes, decorated them, and placed them inside the box and voila. A lovely little gift to say a small thank you 🙂




I even had time for a quick cuppa since my son hadn’t woken up yet.

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