5 Months!

Its monthly update time, still can’t get over how time flies and how quickly he is growing up!
5 Months
I love this little man more and more each day and we are loving watching him grow and learn SO much.
There are a few things we are still waiting for him to learn, for example he hasn’t yet figured out how to roll over or sit up on his own. But there are so many things he is doing that it really doesn’t bother me and I am starting to notice signs that the others aren’t to far off anyway, plus each baby grows and learns at a different pace so we really aren’t worried about the things he isn’t doing.
5 months 2
What we are doing well though is copying facial expressions. If I smile at him he will happily do it back and Sean and Grandpa have been teaching him to blow raspberries and he spends ages afterwards sticking out his tongue trying to do it too. Its so cute to see, when he is busy playing his little face is practicing all the new expressions and moving his lips!

He has an almighty grip on him, if he grabs your finger or hand it’s pretty hard to get it back and everything is still going in his mouth including my finger… and it hurts so much, such a strong jaw too. It also means his pincer grip is getting better, he can hold small and large things pretty easily, but he also manages to pinch my skin when feeding and that really hurts too. he has even managed to put his dummy back in his mouth once or twice which would be great for him to manage at night so I don’t have to get up and do it for him 🙂
He is SUCH a chatter box, he never wakes up screaming or crying (unless he has had a bad dream), instead all we ever wake up to is cooing and sighing which is so much more pleasant. Pretty much every time he is awake he is chatting to someone or something – even if it is just one of his toys. On the odd occasion he has even hummed/chatted himself to sleep.

5 months 3
Tummy time is still fantastic and he adores it. In fact we noticed he was starting to get his back legs up under his bum (which you can kind of see in the photo) so I don’t think he is to far off either moving or rolling 🙂

But oh dear we have also had some crocodile tears when he is really upset and they just break my heart to see. Lately I have felt like I have a newborn all over again, he has gotten so clingy and just won’t sleep past 45min at a time during the day making for one really sad, upset, needy little boy, it doesn’t matter how tried he is, he will fight it with every ounce of his being. It’s a bit disappointing cause he was doing so well, we used to have a early morning nap at around 8:30/9am, then 1:30min at around 11am and another 1:30min at 3:30/4pm. It was great and he was SO happy and it made going out easier cause I knew when he wanted to sleep but not anymore. He is definitely putting me through my mummy paces and I end up ending each day pretty exhausted!

We started him on solids this last month but he wasn’t quite ready so we stopped it pretty much straight away and will try again in the next month or when he is starting to show more “readiness” signs. A friend told me about a feeding method called Baby-Led Weaning, I bought the book and wow what a difference it has made to how I think about Billy learning and appreciating food and how early I should be trying to start him. So now we are going to try this way of feeding him rather than spoon feeding him, which I am actually quite excited about!
But every hard moment is so worth it when he looks at me and smiles, when he recognises my voice and gets really excited and of course when he giggles and laughs when we are playing it warms every inch of my heart! He is such a joy to us and we adore having him as part of our little family.


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