20 Years – The Anniversary of the St James Massacre


Christ was there – a poem written by James William Higham (my dad) shortly after the massacre. He was one of the first of the scene cause they were living next door at the time.

A song of praise to Christ our King
“He’s too wonderful”, the voices sing

A door flung open, open wide, men of terror rush inside
Spewing forth madness, then into night fled
Bullets and shrapnel have ripped and shred
gods flock scattered, injured and dead and weeping

Friends and family hold the hands of loved
ones and sailors from far off lands and weep

Shocked and wounded both whole and lame
Were helped by others who late came,
Comforting, binding to ease the pain,
While death took over more lives to gain.
Outside the heavens wept.

Weep on dear children for Jesus wept too
For Lazarus his friend, for me and for you.
God knows of your sorrow your fear and
Your dread, of uncertain future, the wounded the dead

But know this for certain, on this you must stand
That God holds you firmly in the palm of his hand.

Weep, the. Weep no more, for our Lord
Jesus was there at that door and wept.

– in remembrance of the St James Massacre 25 July 1993 –

On this day in 1993 four gunmen from the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA) opened fire on the congregation of St James Church, Kenilworth during the evening service. 11 member of the congregation were killed and 58 were wounded.
The church will be having a service to remember the 20th anniversary – more information is on there website if you would like to attend – http://www.stjames.org.za


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