Homemade Nappy Wipes

So to save us money and protect Billy’s skin I have been making my own nappy wipes and i love them. Our young man has not had any nappy rash yet and I save so much money cause wipes are freaking expensive!


If you want to make your own here is my recipe:

1 cup boiled water ( it’s important to boil it first else they go moldy)

1 Tbl coconut oil (this is a great natural antiseptic which keeps away that nasty nappy rash)

1 tsp organic baby wash


I mix the ingredients while the water still hot so the oil melts a bit. Cut up your wipes, I use a fleece material cause you don’t have to sew the edges, I cut them into squares so they would fit into my plastic huggies dispenser. Soak them in the cooled liquid in a tray so they are equally saturated. Then place them in your container and they are ready to go!



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