3 Freaking Months!

How can it be that I am already writing a post about Billy being 3months old!
Well I guess this is all part of him growing up, but sometimes I wish he would stay a newborn forever 🙂
He is definitely growing though, I haven’t had him measured or weighed for a while but I can feel he is getting heavier by the day! He is also getting much stronger and is loving tummy time, he can lift his body up and if I hold his feet he even pushes himself forward. Just recently we noticed that he has discovered his hands, every time one goes past his eyes he notices it and stares at it for ages then happily pops it in his mouth and gives it a good chew. I can pretty much spend the whole day just watching him discover new things and playing with him.

My favourite part of his development is when he recognises my voice or sees me come in a room. His whole face just lights up like a sunbeam and on the odd occasion I might even get a giggle of excitement! It’s magical to see and fills my heart with gooey lovey dovey warmth.

Sean continues to be an amazing, hands-on daddy and I love watching them together. Young Billy has even given Sean a proper full-on laugh when he has been tickling him (which I have never managed to get out if him). They still have their one on one time every evening after I bath him and it works a treat in getting Billy settled for the night and I know Sean loves it too. In fact I can see Sean’s face brighten when Billy wakes up from a nap or in the mornings and he gets the first cuddle.

My love for this little man is growing by the day, I never knew how much I could love someone until he came along to the point where my heart often feels like it will burst or it brings me to tears just thinking about how awesome it all is! i must admit it is such hard work, I am quite tired, my house often looks like a tornado has just swept through and I hate the amount of second guessing I keep doing to myself but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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