Where Would We Be Without Help

When we first fell pregnant I must admit I was pretty scared of all that meant to us, the fact that we were very new to this and that we will quite literally have someone’s life in our hands! But through our journey so far we have has so much help, advice and love that it has helped build our confidence and made what we are going through so much easier and the bad days so much better.

Keep calm

From the start of our pregnancy Sean’s and my family have been so wonderfully excited for us and been so great with checking how I was feeling and if everything was ok. But what we also appreciated was how much they helped out with the things I couldn’t do like assisting with moving house, helping me get ready for bubs arrival etc . Now that he is here they are even more fantastic, I know Sean’s mum and dad are only a phone call away if there is an emergency.

We signed up for midwife care at the local hospital where we had planned to give birth (Shoalhaven hospital) and that was when we were introduced to the amazing midwives. I didn’t even bother going back to my GP cause the care I was receiving was so wonderful, from their concern for me and my well being to being able to answer any questions I had. Not to mention how fantastic our antenatal classes were! It made the preparation for little Billy easier and more efficient.

Then when William decided it was his arrival date we were introduced to our birthing midwife, Katherine, she stayed with us from the moment we went into labour, when we needed help and she had to call the obstetrician and even up till he was on my chest and we were trying to get him to breast feed. She never left our side and was instrumental in keeping me calm and giving me really helpful tips about breathing, staying focused, changing positions to work him down etc. The day after William had arrived she came back on shift and even spent some time checking on us In recovery. Her care was amazing! The obstetrician she called was great too, he initially wanted to prepare me for a caesarean but as soon as we started to object he did everything in his power to try something else first, which is why we ended up using the Kiwi Cup and I am so happy he did that for us. He was encouraging and also a little mean to me, which was a good thing cause even though I was trying really hard to push William out naturally, it wasn’t hard enough for the problem we were having with him. In fact my whole care at Watson House was great. The midwives who were looking after my recovery couldn’t do enough to assist us and teach us how to swaddle him, bath him and settle him. The day after the birth we had a student midwife and they must be doing a great job teaching them at the Wollongong University because she was fantastic and for a student she really seemed to know what she was doing. I was really happy to have her as part of my recovery team.

When we got home I was lucky enough to have my sister stay with us for 2 weeks and I can’t rave enough about how phenomenal she was!

The midwives also offer follow-up care when you get home, they come to your house to weigh, measure and check baby is doing well and they check on how mum is going, if I was healing alright, any signs of depression, was I supported etc it was fantastic. I had all my questions answered, they checked we were still feeding well and even made sure William was getting to the hind milk in all his feeds.

After we saw the midwives (they came twice before discharging us) we were passed onto the community nurses. We had one home visit from them and our next one will be at their facilities. Again I cannot rave about their service enough or begin to tell you all how much they put me at ease with what I was doing and what I needed to still do.

They even have a breast feeding support group which I was grateful to be able to attend as by the 3rd week he was really struggling with how much milk I was producing and how fast the flow was. The midwives were so patient, encouraging, supportive and helpful. I really felt like they understood what I was going through and how much of a novice I was to this whole experience.

Of course my favourite support and helps comes from my darling husband. If I am having a tough time, even in the dead of night, he will take him from me just so I can have a few minutes extra sleep. He always does the first nappy change of the day and the bathing and settling ritual for the first big night sleep. But more importantly he listens to me, when I am frustrated, when I am happy even the odd sad moments he is there for me. I am SO lucky to have him in my life, as the father of our beautiful son, my partner and as my best friend!

Our next bit of excitement/help is coming in the form of a 3 week visit from my mom and stepfather… We are beyond excited for their arrival!


2 thoughts on “Where Would We Be Without Help

  1. Yay Carlz, I can’t believe it’s been a month already since little William joined the family! I’m sure you’re super excited for your mom and my dad to come visit and I’m sure they will be a big help and really happy to meet the little guy! He is too cute and precious and I”m so happy for you! Keep looking every day for new pics of him 🙂 keep well and enjoy motherhood! I’m sure he’s gonna grow up into a happy and strong young man xxx

    • Thanks Lol, we are having a great time with him but he is also hard work. But of course all worth it 🙂 we are so excited to see the folks and hopefully at some point we can make a trip home and see you all as well xx

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