1 Month Already!

I cannot believe William is one month old already, my how time flies!

1 Month - Blog

So much has happened in one month and we have learnt a lot too.

Our little man has gone from being a super sleeper to a screaming banshee, back to a super content baby. I guess that’s all part of the learning curb though. The first 2 weeks was great (especially since I had my sister here to help) but the 3rd week it really seemed like he was hating every minute of the day. Thankfully the medical support system here in Australia is so wonderful. I ended up at a breastfeeding support group, cause I was getting desperate to try anything, it turned out my milk supply was flowing too fast and it was giving him really painful wind trying to gulp it down. The amazing midwives gave me some great advice and instructions on how to get rid of the wind before he goes to sleep and checked him over to make sure it wasn’t anything else and now we are back to a happy little munchkin. So week 4 has definitely seen us getting better, although as I am writing this Sean is in the nursery trying to get William to sleep and he is just not playing ball so we do still have our rough days.

He has also been growing at an alarming rate these last few weeks. He was born weighing 3.8kg and when they weighed him last Wednesday he was already 4.69kg. The midwife was also raving about his glowing colour,  how big his belly was and how content he is. So I walked away pretty proud of our son (even though all the instructions she gave me were pretty daunting).

William is also interacting with us in some of the cutest ways, I sing to him (poor kid) whenever I change his nappy or he is trying to fall asleep and he gives me some of the cutest smiles and even a giggle every now and then. He also gives me kisses when I ask for them and he isn’t upset of course. When I pick him up n the morning he immediately stops fussing and spends a few minutes just staring up at me with his beautiful big eyes. It makes me so grateful and happy to be such a huge part of his little life and know that I am his everything right now, I know this won’t last forever so I am going to hang onto this amazing feeling for as long as I can.

It has also been great watching Sean grow as a father and learning his own method for handling his cute little son. Every morning William and him pretty much wake up at the same time so Sean takes him and changes his nappy and has a few minutes with him before he brings him back to me for his morning feed. He also helps me out so much on the weekends which give me a chance to actually get some things done. Its been really hard for me to stand back and not correct him just because he isn’t doing a something my way but he is managing so well and has such a knack with him that I really love watching them together. It’s also probably not such a bad idea to let him and William have their own way of doing things that’s different to what I do with him so they can have a little bond that is just theirs. I must admit I never knew how much I could love Sean until I saw how much he loves William, it’s going to be great watching them grow together.

Of course there is still lots of great times ahead of us and lots of learning to do but for now we are taking each day as it comes and loving it all, the good with the bad.

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