The S-word

When we brought William home he was such a content little angel. In fact we really thought this whole parenthood thing was going to be a breeze, he was just such a good little baby. But as the midwife warned us when we left the hospital, babies can lull you into a false sense of security and oh boy was she right!


Little William after he fell asleep on my chest!

At the beginning of week 3 our little darling found his voice and my what a voice he has! Now don’t get me wrong we know we are still very lucky compared to what some other parents have to go through with a newborn but when it hit us for the first time I was ready to take William up to the hospital cause I thought something serious must be going on.
But thankfully that was not the case, after some research we realised that when babies hit week 3 they start to fight sleep more and more or it can be when colic starts to flare up in most babies and if you have checked the main reasons for a crying baby, is he hungry; have we changed his nappy etc sometimes the best thing to do is just let them have a cry (to a degree of course). Once we figured all this out handling the crying was so much easier.

If the crying starts straight after a feed, chances are its a big burp that’s bothering him and we just give him a pat on the back or lie him against our shoulder till something comes up.
If he has been awake for a while and he is fed and nappy is changed, chances are he is just over-tired already. One of the bits of advice we got off google (how on earth did my parents ever raise children before google?) is the shush method and we LOVE IT! (Please note this works for us and if you have a crying baby that you are worried about you may want to consider seeking professional help).

Basically as soon as you notice they are fighting sleep you walk around the house sounding like a broken record, repeating shhhhhh, shhhhhh over and over until they fall asleep. If we start as soon as we notice he is tired William never gets a chance to work himself up to much and generally drops off pretty easily. But if we don’t catch it in time and he gets louder we just get louder too and that seems to do the trick. I have also taken to letting him fall asleep on me which he loves, as I have read that they can’t learn any bad habits yet and at this young age it’s more important for them to get some sleep than it is for us to establish a routine.
The only problem with walking around the house at 3am repeatedly shushing your child is you tend to run out of breath very easily and even get a little dizzy (it’s like blowing up giant balloon), not to mention your mouth and lips feel like the kalahari desert. So I have taken to alternating between bum patting and shushing, sitting and walking and even leaving a bottle of water in our lounge.
Cause of course none of this can be done in the bedroom in the early hours of the morning as my dear husband has work in the morning so I try and let him get as much sleep as possible.

But when all is said and done, I will take a happy, content, loving, smiley baby any day so if you ever come round our house at nap time and I am walking around sounding and looking like a weirdo just remember this works for us and hopefully it can work for u too!


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