2 weeks down, 17 years & 50 weeks to go!

Wow, can’t believe we made it through the first 2 weeks and all is still going good!

What’s it like to be a new mom? It’s amazing, nerve-wracking, peaceful, emotional, phenomenal, stressful, beautiful, ….It’s everything you hear about and more!

New mom

I know I am the luckiest new mom around. To start my lovely sister came to visit us for 2 weeks to help me out, oh and how helpful she was! She did the stuff I just couldn’t get round to like laundry, dishes, making tea, answering the door etc. We also have the joy of Sean’s family living close by and the many different ways they have helped us out, from cooking us meals to just popping in for a cuppa and seeing how we are doing and of course the advice…oh the wonderful advice that is so helpful. I think the best thing people can do for you in the first weeks is clean and cook. It’s hard to let this beautiful new treasure leave your arms just so you can go and wash some dishes and even harder finding the time to do anything else but look after him.  I feel like I am spending at least half the day just trying to figure things out, like feeding and sleeping and what each cry means so having support from all our lovely family and friends have made week 1 &2 so much easier than I thought it was going to be. .

We have also been blessed with a wonderful son, a content and happy little boy who only cries when something is bothering him. We haven’t quite gotten a routine down (obviously) but I am definitely noticing some signs of one forming. He has only been waking up once through the night, somewhere between 12am & 2am depending on when he went to sleep. Then he wakes up again between 4:30 & 6am, when my amazing husband steps up and does the nappy change and clothing change. We then have another snooze (roughly 2 hours long) and start to wake up properly between 8 & 10am. The rest of our day just depends on what we have on the agenda but for such a little fella he sleeps pretty well, eats pretty well and poops pretty well too!  So yes we have an AMAZING son who we are so proud of.

What these 2 weeks have taught me?

*Nothing goes to plan and that just has to be ok. Here I was thinking I could get up while he was having a snooze and get so much done but it hasn’t quite wred out like that yet. Or even just the idea of making a plan… I had organised to buy a 2nd hand pram off someone this weekend and it was a pretty basic plan to meet at 10am in the Officeworks carpark. So we gave ourselves extra time to get ready, have some breakfast and head out, of course everything was going so well until about 9:30. We needed to change Williams diaper quickly before we popped him in the car, half way through the change our darling son decided that he wasn’t quite done filling his nappy but there was no longer a nappy on him! And oh was there some projectile pooing, which no one was expecting, thankfully Sean and I have cat like reflexes but it did manage to get all over carpet and the change mat. Grabbing a clean nappy we tried to catch some of it but then our sweetheart decided he also needed to pee, which if you have a son you will know this means a fountain of pee! Again not being something we were expecting, we tried to catch some of that with another clean nappy. After all this “catching” it was now 9:50 and we were running very late so Sean had to hop in the car by himself to meet with the lady, leaving me to do a cleanup. As I was cleaning him and the room I noticed I had leaned onto the dirty change mat and now also had to change my clothes… and it was such a great plan!

* You can lose yourself for hours. Time just disappears when you have a newborn, from feeding (which takes at least 30 minutes each time and happens about 10 times a day) to just sitting and staring at your new little cutie for ages while they sleep! You really can lose time, I get out of bed around 9/10am and by the time I have our little man changed and ready for the day, taken a shower and had breakfast it’s time to start thinking about having lunch! How does my day vanish so quickly?

* Patience is a virtue. We are lucky enough to have a little angel that is so very content and only wakes up once at night (maybe twice on a bad night). However sometimes in the middle of the night when we are both over-tired and I have been up for at least an hour or two trying to get him back to sleep my patience starts to slowly dissapear and I find myself getting rather frustrated and struggle quite a bit to keep from having a tired and frustrated tear-up or 2.

* Emotions, Oh the emotions. From staring at William and feeling an overwhelming sense of love like I have never felt before, to having a cry for absolutey no reason. I have never in my life felt such a variety and strong sense of emotions and mostly within an hour or 2 of each other! However the main feeling in this house at the moment is love, I never quite knew I could feel this much love for our growing little family. I see Sean giving William a bath, or taking him from me in the dead of night so I can get just a bit more sleep and even just seeing him get home from work all excited to hold our son and I fall more in love with him by the second. I stare down at my sleeping baby or even when he is feeding and I see him pulling a cute little face or just peacefully sleeping and I could never imagine my life before him or without him… it’s like I am now complete and my life before had all been leading up to that moment!

* (something only other moms will know) There is a lot your body goes through and no one really can explain what it will be like when afterwards, so I will just tell you what I went through and maybe that will help you… To start you lose a lot of fluid, I know I lost a bit more blood than most cause we had a bit of a traumatic birth but I didn’t realise just how much I would lose and how often I would have to change pads (p.s. Aldi’s night pads where amazing and so much better than the normal maternity pads) or have a shower. Thanks to the type of birth we had I had stitches and a graze and oh my does it burn to pee! I filled a little spray bottle with water to help the stinging and that made such a difference everytime I had to go to the loo. Oh and no one mentions how weird it is making a poo for the first time after you give birth or the 2nd or 3rd time. It brings back all these memories of what happened in the delivery room and it feels so strange to use those same muscles again after what they did last time! One of the things that has taken a bit of getting used to is the changes to your breasts, I am exclusively breast-feeding our son and it’s such a strange sensation (strange but amazing). But what I wasn’t expecting was the leakage, at first it wasn’t so bad because you only produce colostrum but once my milk came in boy did it come in! Now if I just look at William or hear him cry cause he is hungry my boobs sprout a leak and not just a bit of a leak we are talking shooting fountains of milk. Which was kind of funny at first but now it just means lots of washing for me to do. Oh yes the other thing I wasn’t told about (probably because not everyone gets them) is the after-birth pains. They feeling like period cramps but can be alot worse, I felt like I was living off pain killers in the 1st week.

But despite all the ups and downs, sleepless nights and any pain I went through it is worth it! Every second spent with William is amazing and I am so grateful for our super sweet, loving, content, smiley little boy. I can’t even begin to imagine life without him!


One thought on “2 weeks down, 17 years & 50 weeks to go!

  1. Great post Carlene! The love is amazing. I remember thinking, how on earth could I ever love another child as much as this one??! But then Mitchell came along and you do, and just as much! I can’t wait to expand my love to No.3 now =)
    I loved hearing of your abundance of milk! That is something I never felt I had, despite breastfeeding both of my boys – I seemed to just have enough. I smile when I read of your leakages as I think it is a miracle of motherhood.
    btw, wait until you experience after birth pains for subsequent births. Oh my goodness!!!! Not to scare you..but SO much worse! =)

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