Projects – or maybe it’s called Nesting?

I love my husband… He has been so great to me throughout our relationship and even more now throughout my pregnancy! He is so supportive and lets me do/does whatever whim and wish I suddenly am inspired with, in fact I think that’s probably why he hates Pinterest so much!

So when we wanted to redecorate our nursery he was so fantastic and even found me my favourite item for the nursery and refurbished it to fit with our theme (he knows me so well)! NurseryRocking Chair

I also wanted some new side tables for our lounge and my darling Sean made me some out of pallets for me, such a talented young man!

Side table SONY DSC

One of Sean’s loves is listening to old school records so of course we finally had to purchase a record player and some records of course. But there was nowhere to put it so he took an old pallett and made us this beautiful crate to use for our records!

Laundry ShelfThen there are the little treasures we keep picking up, like this old ammo box (sorry no before picture) which I turned into a laundry shelf and my dear husband took the time to put up for me.


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