Nearly our 3rd trimester

I cannot believe that we will be on the downhill road to the meeting our beautiful little monkey on Saturday. Yes that’s right we will be in our 3rd trimester on Saturday! It’s all going by so quickly and we have had so much on our plate lately that I haven’t even noticed how fast it’s all happening.

Hubby promised me we would go and buy the nursery paint tonight cause we have been so busy we keep putting it off so I am really excited to at least do one thing to the nursery so I don’t feel quite so unprepared.

Along with feeling super unprepared and way to busy for a pregnant lady who should be resting more  we have had some great moments over the last few months. We moved into our beautiful new house, which I am loving decorating and making into a home. We went to an absolutely beautiful wedding in Melbourne and managed a small holiday while we were there before Monkey arrives. I celebrated my 29th birthday with some awesome friends and family and was thoroughly spoilt and loved by everyone. Our darling baby is kicking up a storm in my belly and Hubby has been able to feel it more and more which is really exciting for him too, although baby alwasy gets shy when people are around and put their hand on my belly.

Thankfully even though we are very busy, everything we have been doing has been so much fun and even though a weekend at home would be very welcome, there are so many exicting things in the pipeline for the rest of the year that I am sure the next trimester will be going just as fast as the last one and soon we will be welcoming our 1st child into the world.

But till then here are a few photo’s of my growing bump and our beautiful child (for those who are interested).


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