The House is on Fire!

A really lovely blogger I follow recently wrote a very thought provoking blog – Burning down the house (you should take a look at her blog it’s really cute). Now that I have started packing for our big move into our first home later in October, it really got me thinking…”What would I grab if the house was burning down?”

I must admit that it probably wouldn’t be too much at this point! There would be a lot of stuff I would miss for sentimental/financial reasons, like the beautiful cow-skin rug my mom gave us or our wedding, my signed copy of Spud by John Van de Ruit, some of my jewellery from Sean and freinds, our playstation, my tablet, some of my hand-bags etc (you get the idea), but I wouldn’t actually try and get them out the house and it wouldn’t be to hard too replace them after a lot of saving.

What I would definitely grab however is:

*My camera, I love taking photos and would hate to lose it! (The one in the photo is my Diana, and I am using the one I really love to take the photo…I think I might grab my whole camera bag cause I love all my camera stuff)

*Our computer, only because of the large amount of photo’s/info on it

*Our cat, although he can sometimes be very annoying and wouldn’t stand very still for me in the photo.

*My passport and paperwork file, cause let’s be honest it would be a nightmare trying to replace any of that stuff (Birth Certificate etc) from all the way over here especially considering how hard it is to get anything from home-affairs when you are in South Africa! I tried to legally change my name last time I visited South Africa (in April 2011) It still hasn’t be done yet.

Hopefully grabbing this stuff wouldn’t mean I get hurt especially now that I have another human in my belly to worry about! But I am glad I am not so attached to material things, I would like to think I would prioritise family, friends etc and not the things I accumulate over the years.

Let me know if there is anything you would definitely grab?


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