13 weeks and counting

I can’t believe it we are actually pregnant and can finally tell people!

It’s really hard to keep a 3 month secret 😉 but now the cat is finally out of the bag and we can start sharing all our cool experiences (and some not so cool ones).

We found out completely by accident, I was about a week late and not feeling 100% so decided to take a pregnancy test (just to rule out the option) but we hadn’t been trying so I wasn’t very optimistic. After peeing on stick I waited a few moments but there was only one line so I threw it in the bin and just presumed I had calculated things wrong or I was just a little late. Later that afternoon I was cleaning up and taking the bin out and what should I notice but the stick actually had 2 lines on it!!! What the heck? I must not have waited long enough for the result! Ok this is a little un-expected maybe it’s a mistake, lets try another one… This time I waited a bit longer and OMG it has 2 very clear lines as well! And so it’s time to call the daddy-to-be (and our immediate family) and share the GREAT news!  Even though it was a bit surprising we are absolutley over-joyed

So far our pregnancy hasn’t been half as bad as some of the horror stories I have heard so we are extremely grateful for that. I started off with some terrible nausea but it never really progressed to full on vommiting and the only other problem I had was extreme tiredness, and when I say extreme I mean I felt like no matter how many hours of sleep I was getting I still need about 8 more!  I am however blessed with a very amazing husband  who would help me out SO much by cleaning, cooking, sopping and making sure I was ok every moment he could, even though he was working full-time he still did so much for me and I will be forever grateful for that.  We have now hit 13 weeks (14 on Saturday) and I am already starting to feel SO much better and have been able to get alot more done (which means Sean has been let off the hook and can finally get some rest).

We are also SUPER excited that all our paperwork is getting in order for our very own home! I just can’t wait to get in and start decorating the nursery and sorting everything out for the arrival of our gorgeous little monkey. Despite some very annoying delays with the bank we are still hoping to be moving in early in October, so at least we won’t be moving when I am too heavily pregnant. But of course since I am pregnant I won’t be able to do any heavy lifting Yay for me 😉 But I will have to do all the un-packing since Sean will still be working, which suites me just fine as the perfectionist in me will probably want to do it all my way anyway!


4 thoughts on “13 weeks and counting

    • Thanks Kirsty,

      It is all very exciting and now that the morning sickness is getting better I am definitely enjoying it alot more. Can’t believe you are nearly ready to pop soon too. Good luck xx

  1. What a lovely little read! How very exciting! so very happy for you and Sean! You will make a great mum! hope you are enjoying Aus and great news about getting your own home! Keep on posting your news it’s great to read and you have a lovely little bump already! lots of love xxx

    • Thanks Ria,

      We are very excited, I am very nervous but I am sure it will all be ok!
      I don’t think the bump is all baby yet cause I have been eating quite a bit, it is growing quickly though which is very exciting 🙂
      Hope you guys are all well too. xx

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