Day 4 – NSW Roadtrip

Sean and I took a little road trip through New South Wales to do a bit of camping and sight-seeing. These are a few (late) posts telling the story of our trip.

Road out of Broken HillWe decided to leave early the next morning to avoid the relentless heat but by 8am it was already over 20deg and the sun was streaming into the car, needless to say a lot of sunscreen was worn. For most of the trip to Wentworth, our first stop for the day, all we saw was the horizon which was just breath-taking. It’s hard to actually describe how open and free it is until you see it but I thought it was amazing and SO beautiful!

Our 1st stop was Wentworth where we saw the place where the Darling and Murray River meet. The one river was so clear and the other so dirty that you could see the difference immediately.

It was a lovely little town that even had a small statuette in the centre of a tractor to commemorate the Massey tractors that help protect the town during the 1959 flood.

We also paid a quick visit to the Old Goal, but it was closed so we just paid a visit to the little antique store which had been converted from the old offices attached to the goal.

You can defintely see the 2 different colours

Our next stop was onto Mildurra where the 1st inland irrigation system was installed by the Chaffey bothers who had come over from America. It has a dry arid area and Oasis surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards. We did a bit of sight-seeing including the original homestead of the Chaffey brothers.


We were going to camp in a small town called Balandrad but had made such great time that we decided to have lunch in a lovely little park and keep going to Hay where we stayed at the showground. The whole area is very dry and reminded me of a showground in the Karoo. We spent the evening sitting under peppercorn trees watching a very beautiful sunset.


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