Day 3 – NSW Roadtrip

Sean and I took a little road trip through New South Wales to do a bit of camping and sight-seeing. These are a few (late) posts telling the story of our trip.

We woke early on day 3 to make our way from Dubbo to Broken Hill, we had a lot of ground to cover, a mere 753.1 km so getting up early was the best way we could there in time to set-up camp. We nearly didn’t make it though because the only petrol station for 200km had broken down but thankfully we just got to Broken Hill as the tank was running low!

Just a few kilometers outside of Broken Hill is a small one road town called Silverton, often used to shoot movies and commercials. In fact it’s where they shot the movie Mad Max 2 and they have a museum dedicated to the movie, starring Mel Gibson. We wanted to see the museum but unfortunately got there about 5 minutes after it closed so we had to head back to Broken Hill without getting the chance to look around. It’s a gorgeous town established in 1883 in the outback for mining, with beautiful old buildings that look like they were among the first ones built when.


We set up camp in the local caravan park and thank goodness they had a pool because it was scorching hot! It was quite a busy campsite and there were a lot of ‘Grey Nomads’ around who just wanted a good chat which was lovely.

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