Day 2 – NSW Roadtrip

Sean and I took a little road trip through New South Wales to do a bit of camping and sight-seeing. These are a few (late) posts telling the story of our trip.

Day 2 took us from Lake Keepit onto Dubbo. We wanted to set off early in the morning but due to a very bad sleep thanks to a deflated air-mattress situation we ended up leaving much later than we wanted to.

   The Gunnedah Rural Museum
But it did mean we got to stop off at Gunnadah Rural Museum.It has a beautiful collection of everything rural and old from old cars and guns to restored tractors and farm equipment.

From there our next stop was gorgeous Dubbo, such a lovely, quaint town. We got the chance to visit the old Dubbo Goal, where we learnt all about some of the famous criminals of the past and a very different hangman called Nosey Bob, who lost his nose when a horse kicked him it the face!

Dubbo Goal   At the Dubbo Goal

That night we stayed at one of my favourite campsites of the trip called Tandara. It had 2 old railway carriages on-site, a pool and some showers. It was in such a small town where there was only one pub, one main street and such gorgeous picturesque views. It reminded me of Aberdeen in the Karoo where my Grandparents are from, but not quite as dry as Aberdeen though but just as beautiful.

One of the old railway carriages   Our Campsite

 The Sunset on night 2


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