One of the best things I have done recently was go on an amazing yoga retreat with Fran (my sister). It was a 4 day retreat on a beautiful farm between Brighton and Eastbourne mostly to say goodbye to my dear sister but also cause this whole move and all the stress from applying for my visa was really getting to me. Gayles Farm

The best part of the retreat was connecting with my wonderful sister! Although that did also make me realise just how much I take her for granted that we live in the same city and how much I am going to miss having her around or just a phone call away.

The other great part of the retreat was finding out just how much I love yoga! It’s not only such a great way to get fit and healthy but it’s also a fantastic way to de-stress, relax and re-connect with yourself. I am also now seriously considering doing my yoga teacher training when we get to Australia!

The venue was amazing and the teacher fantastic, we even did a great silent walk along the 7 sisters ( the beautiful chalk cliffs).

Thank you to The Radiant Hand for a wonderful time, great food and the super hard workout and helping me perfect my yoga!

And to my amazing sister, I REALLY am going to miss you so much and wish I could pack you in my suitcase!

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