I can’t believe my last post was in December!

So much has happened since then, so many decisions have been made, so many happy and sad moments!

Our biggest event and decision is our move to Australia! We are both so excited for this but the paper-work, effort and emotion involved in this move is quite over-whelming! As the leaving date approaches I am getting more nervous, sad and apprehensive but still so excited to go, its been really hard to figure out which emotion is stronger or easier to deal with. I think the hardest part is definitely the fact that I am leaving my amazing sister and closest friends behind and going to a country that I have never been to before and don’t actually know much about or very many people at all! I guess that’s why trust in a relationship is so important, if I didn’t trust Sean with all my heart we would not be doing this and I am sure it will be the best thing or both of us and our future family and I am very excited to meet all of Sean’s family in person.

I guess the other great thing about our big move is the fact that we are spending 5 weeks in South Africa 1st and considering that I haven’t been home in 4 years this is VERY exciting for me and it is going to be so fantastic seeing all my friends and family again and especially to show off my amazing husband.  We are spending 2 weeks in Cape Town, then going up the Garden route to see my grandparents and finally on to my mom up in East London. I know Sean is looking forward to it all as he has never been to SA and I am just as excited to show him where I am from.

So now I am off to carry on packing our boxes, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be. How do you decide what is more important and what you will or won’t need in a country you have never been to? It is however very therapeutic getting rid of stuff and simplifying our lives. Its amazing seeing how much junk you have collected over the years.

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