Body Confidence Campaign

It’s nearly time to vote here in the UK (6 May) and as a Common Wealth citizen I have the right to vote.

Now I know I am not British and haven’t decided how I long I want to stay here in London but I do have a very firm belief in voting and the fact that 1 vote can make a difference.  On those lines I have started doing some research into the different parties and what each one stands for and believes.

On the Liberal Democrats website I found information on their campaign called Real Women. I must say it is so refreshing to find a political party focused on something that everyone else seems to not deem interesting or important enough to talk about. I know how much magazines and media have an influence on decisions I make when it comes to my style choices, body image and the way I “think” I should feel about my body. That’s why I avoid fashion magazines etc as much as possible, there is nothing like seeing a skinny girl, Photoshop, styled and “done-up” with make and tons of hairspray to help you feel very insecure.

It’s so easy to put unrealistic pressure on myself to look a certain way, have a certain lifestyle or even act in a certain way! I hate the fact that I feel an urge to shop when I have a depressing day or own the latest fashion to fit in with my friends or the “trendy” people I see everyday.  I can only imagine what a young girl goes through, if she doesn’t have good role-models in her life, or since most of  the people she look’s up to and influence her decisions are mainly her friends and peers. How do you escape that, how do you not feel worthless? No wonder there are young girls walking around in very short shorts and very inappropriate tops or dresses. It’s awful to see young girls trying to be “sexy”! What for? Why are we/they trying so hard to attract attention with sex?

And since magazines and beauty advertising is being aimed more and more at young teenage girls, you end up seeing these poor girls (and even boys) growing up with the wrong body imagine and ideas about love, relationships and their own bodies. It’s always about quick fix diets, nothing about good eating habits that keep you healthy, it’s no surprise people are chronically sick and have such ppor immune systems. Or it’s all about boys, kissing, having a relationhsip, sex and the fact that you should never be without a boyfriend and everyone you are with is disposable as long as you are having fun.

It is however great to see people in power and who have a say stand up and actually say something about it.

I still haven’t decided who I am voting for yet and at the moment I have lots of research still to do but it’s great to stumble onto a policy that actually hits home with you and shows that a political party is thinking about issues at the source and not further up the line when the problem is already there… good for them.

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