10 Awesome things

I stumbled across this blog online today: http://1000awesomethings.com/ and it really got me thinking about how the small things in life really are the ones that make you the happiest. So as I don’t have 1000 awesome things I thought I would just go for an easy 10 (please feel free to tell me your 10 things).

1. Hearing your friends good news and being able to share their joy with them as if it was your own.

2. Seeing someone you love and feeling the butterflies in your stomach (even when you have know that person for ages and see them often).

3. Eating something that is so delicious you can’t help but want more no matter how full you are.

4. The sun on my skin.

5. The night before something exciting happens, like going on a trip or starting a new job etc.

6. Flowers, flowers and more flowers.

7. Stretching every muscle I know how when I get up in the morning and sometimes when I am still lying in bed.

8. Ice-cream in a cone

9. Sean’s unconditional love for me (never fails to amaze me)

10. When I realise I  had more time than I thought to get ready before going to work and end up enjoying the morning so much more.


2 thoughts on “10 Awesome things

  1. Hi Carlene.

    I have some awesome or favourite things for a list. mmm Lets see…….

    1. The spontaneous and real hug / love from one or all of my children

    2. The delight on Jethro or Samuel’s faces when something really cool or fun happens. Priceless.

    3.The joy that real perseverance brings when a small member of our household accomplishes something really tough – like building lego from scratch.

    4. Watching school sport especially a swimming gala. It is fast , furious and the kids swim beautifully.

    5. enjoying a child’s work of art especially one of my children.

    6. solving a difficult problem

    7. being part of a partnership with Doug

    8. seeing Doug’s face in a crowd

    9. the smell of Doug

    and well just Doug!!!! Lol.

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