Spring has sprung

I think it may be official…Spring has hit London!

This weekend we enjoyed some warm days and Sean and I even enjoyed a lovely Sunday brunch outside soaking up the rays. Although come Monday it seems to have gotten a little colder, the weather reports are all saying it is going to stay above 10 deg, which is GREAT.

Coming from warm and sunny SA one of the hardest things for me is coping with the freezing winters here. In fact winter for me includes hardly ever seeing anyone, shutting myself in my room, cuddling up under layers of blankets with lots of movies, TV series, and books and basically hibernating. Now that the weather is warming up I feel like a whole new woman. I am getting the urge to get fit (although I still try to ignore it) and be outdoors as much as possible as well as feeling the need to pick up a new hobby or 5 and everything is pretty, exciting and generally good. I even find myself waking up really early every morning and opening the windows just to smell the fresh air. In fact everyone seems to be coming out of hibernationĀ  as I keep bumping into people I haven’t seen for ages.

So basically here is to Spring…my favourite season, filled with wonderful smells, sunshine, picnics, bright colours, blossoms and general happiness!!!


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