How it all Started

I am a very average 26 year old girl, I live in London and recently got a new job in an awesome chiropractic office in Fulham.

I always used to think I was pretty healthy, I’m not a sickly person, I eat pretty well (or so I thought) and even though I don’t exercise alot, I would like to think I am pretty active! Well that is what I thought until I started my great job with 2 really great chiropractors. They have really made me question not only my health but my whole outlook towards my health, not in a bad way but more in the way that I used just accept what people tell me about my body, health etc without doing my own research…

So basically I am now taking a journey to review, evaluate and change the health and the lifestyle choices I make from day to day and invite you to question, change or assist me on this exciting and hopefully interesting  JOURNEY TO HEALTH…


2 thoughts on “How it all Started

  1. Hey Carlene! So you joined the world of bloggers 🙂
    I see you’re enjoying your job a lot!!! A friend of mine is a chiropractor, they have an interesting outlook on health and life indeed!
    All the best for your new health plan!!

    • @Ingrid, Yes I had to join at some point since so many people are about a million miles away and it’s the easiest way to update everyone on what I am doing…
      Chiropractic has opened my eyes so much, it amazes me how warped the Doctors idea of treating a symptom instead of the cause is the basis of our helath care system!
      Of course we will have chronic illness if we don’t treat the root of the problem!

      Hope you and the family are well, your photo’s always look amazing and happy and the family is growing SO much.

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